5 Foods To Help You Perform Better In The Field

When it comes to performing on the playing field, training and exercise is only half the battle. To make sure your body performs to the best of its ability you need to make sure that you are well nourished. There are a whole lot of foods on the market and many of those are specifically made for athletes. However, food in its natural form is the best for our body. Here are some foods that will help you fuel your body well.


Water is one of the most important substances to life and our body makes sure that we conserve water as much as possible. Most sports require our body to be in extreme conditions and this causes a lot of water to go out of your body. To counteract this our body makes action and these actions hinder us from performing our best athletically. To endure that your body is at its best make sure that you are well hydrated.


We all know that protein is an absoluteness city, especially for an athlete. Eggs are one of the best ways to get good, whole proteins to our system. Apart from being economical eggs have a whole host of micronutrients as well. Having all that is needed to create life eggs what whole proteins which are easier for our body to metabolise and fuel our muscles.


We all love caffeine for its energy boost and this can be desirable for most athletes. Many people consume energy drinks before sports and caffeine are one of the key ingredients in them. So drinking a cup of dark coffee will give you the boost you need without the extra sugar or artificial additives. Furthermore, it is a great way to drink more liquids which is always a good thing.


Ever seen mother’s force feed oranges to kids during practice? This is for a very good reason. Oranges, lemons and many other fruits with citrus increase the electrolytes in our system and this can help fight fatigue that comes with playing sports and to perform better. So the next time to feel tires during a game have some oranges with you.

Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy and it is abundant. However, for the sake of our bodies and our performance it is best to get our energy from complex carbohydrates. Brown rice, oatmeal and vegetables are good sources of complex carbohydrates. The fact that these take time to digest ensures you get a stream of energy for a longer time and would not get a sudden energy crash as it happens with sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

As food is important for athletes to make sure you eat the right things.

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