Basic FAQs on yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is a discipline that has roots as far as the sixth and fifth centuries BC,long before the modern way exercise routines took over. It has generations of yogis(practitioners of yoga) in countries in the orient such as India and Sri Lanka who have made yoga not only an aspect of life but a way of life itself. The objective of yoga is the enlightenment of mind, body and soul and this is achieved through the collective enlightenment of the triple facets that makes the being that is a man. As per the Sanskrit scriptures yoga means to attach, join or harness and this makes perfect sense as that is the objective behind exercising yoga, to join the mind body and soul to its optimum state.

A yoga pose is referred to as an asana. Asanas were the position in which the yogis do their meditation. Asana which means ‘’seat’’ is the more favoured position to meditate in but there are more complex poses that have been mastered by the great yogis over time. Some of the other Asnas are namely Downward-Facing Dog, Archer Bow and arrow, Arm-pressing posture,             Four-Limbed Staff, Half moon, half lotus and Bharadvaja’s twist, each of which have an inherent name in Sanskrit.

What are the benefits of yoga?

In addition to the obvious medical benefits of regular exercise yoga is said to be a great source of stress relief and believed to be a means of increasing general health and your outlook to life. During a time in which there are so many triggers to make us unsettled and absorb negativity, yoga is a great way to channel your inner instabilities to a positive alternate course.

What is the preferred attire for yoga?

Yoga is most comfortable in well-fitting breathable clothing. Since its popularity has soared in each part of the world, appropriate active wear including yoga apparel Hong Kong is now freely available for anybody to purchase.

Can yoga be self-taught?

While there is no hard and fast rule that it cannot be. There are studies that have concluded that improper postures in yoga can lead to severe medical complications. Over enthusiastic workout regimes and un- qualified instructors are the dark club hovering over this age old practice. Due to the demand of yoga classes there are many do take the short sighted route to becoming an instructor that poses the risk of them hurting themselves but others too.

Therefore it is advisable to join an accredited school of yoga in order to receive the benefits it offers.

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