How to Improve Your Batting Skills?

Learning to bat well is one of the most essential components of becoming a good professional cricketer. It may look simple to you when you see it on the television, but the reality is that becoming a good cricketer is something that takes up a lot of hard work and skill as well as perseverance. There are many ways you can polish your skills in becoming a batsman and while it may take time depending on how you go about this, it is certainly not impossible. Here are some of the ways you can improve on your sport of choice.

Practice As Much As Possible

As in the case of anything, the simplest and easiest way of excelling at what you are capable of is to actually just keep practicing. If you feel that you do not have enough time to go to a place where you can practice, get some basic requirements for your home like cricket netting. Also get clothing and gear the help of friends and your teammates who would like to come over to practice a certain amount of time on a daily basis. The more that you practice your batting and the more bowling styles that you get exposed to, the better you will be able to do at this sport.

Master the Fundamentals of Batting

First get into a stance that is comfortable. Many batsmen prefer to take a side stance for this purpose and when you are right-handed turn your left side towards the bowler and hold the bat to your right side. If you are left handed you need to do the opposite of this. Next keep your feet at about the same width as your shoulders and give a slight bend to your knees instead of locking them back all the way. Your weight should always be distributed evenly among the balls of your feet. Once you have assumed this stance correctly you now need to angle your feet or your upper body so that you get into a position that feels relaxed and natural to you. There is nothing called the best position to bat from in this sport. You simply need to choose your stance so that you have the best possible leverage and can hit the ball as best as possible. You may need to keep adjusting this stance so that you meet the style of every bowler who comes in to play.

Holding the Bat

You will also need to make sure that you hold the bat properly and firmly with the flat side of it facing the bowler. Wrap both hands around the handle of the bat and make sure that your good hand or your dominant hand is always placed as close as possible to the blade of the bat. Keep the bat around the height of your waist until you have the chance to take that swing at the ball.

Remember to have fun while you play, as this will make you want to get better.

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