Technological Advancements in the Medical Field

Technology is a buzz word from several decades ago. However its advancements has been happening with exponential speed during the last two decades. Its usage in fields such as education, health and medical, security and agriculture etc. are phenomenal. It continues to grow as well.


Tech Advancements in Healthcare Arena

Medical is an area which is mandatory for any country, community or time. Even in ancient times, a medical man was present in a tribe, who took care of curing the ill and searching for plants and herbs to make new medicines. The medical man’s role has evolved now; there are several disciplines when it comes to curing a patient. Among the tasks undertaken by humans to find cures and promote better health, some are now possible to be done by AI (artificial intelligence) and other new tech gadgets.

There’s a lot AI can do for the unwell. Some patients need routine care; some need medicine given at certain set intervals. Using humans for all these petty tasks is a waste of their time and energy, as skilled personnel are difficult to find. Therefore scientists are carrying out researches to fit AI or robots to do these type of tasks. They can also help with manufacturing of artificial limbs. Many lose arms and legs due to various traumatic incidents. The old plastics that were used are not flexible enough. Newer ones are manufactured with more functionality, those factories also use AI help as they are routine work.

Carrying Out Surgeries

With the new technology it has become easier and efficient to carry out surgeries. Earlier medical professionals had to cut open the patient to have an idea of what is wrong. After some time, x-ray was invented, but subsequently it was found that it can harm the body. Then the scanners were innovated and diagnosis became even easier. Further, manufacturing and usage of Nano cameras made a huge leap in operating on humans; a laparoscopic myomectomy for example can be done totally via an in-the-body camera. If you are living in Australia, an OPG Sunshine Coast shows a panorama of the mouth making it easier to detect what is wrong and dentists are hence able to treat exactly what must be treated.

Using For the Good of the Humanity

AI is a topic of interest as well as of fear and apprehension. The main reason is the hype created and augmented by Hollywood, which is not entirely true. Tech giants in the world have clearly indicated that only if not used wisely, it can be a threat. Therefore its humans’ own responsibility to take care of the processes to manage the results. 3D printing is another modern advancement. Limbs are printed artificially for the needy and the cost of prosthetics is going down due to these new ideas.


Development should happen in any field to keep it abreast in meeting the increasing demand and need for lesser costs. How to safely address these matters are in human hands.


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