Things to Take With You on a Boating Trip

Do you have a passion for boating? If that is the case it is also important to know which gear and accessories you should take with you when you go on a trip. This way you can actually maximize on the enjoyment factor and comfort and also ensure that you are safe while doing your favourite recreational activity. It is never pleasant to remember halfway into a trip that you left something really crucial at home so here are some of the items that you need to remember to take with you on your trips always.

A Good Quality Foul Weather Jacket

Selecting your foul weather jacket in itself should be thought out well. This will your only defence when it comes to keeping yourself dry and warm during a storm or simply bad weather even. It should be roomy enough so that you can wear a few layers underneath the jacket and it should also cover your bottom area very well. It should give you coverage from your chin down ideally so that your neck is protected as well. The closure at the neck should have a Velcro slap so that you can ensure that nothing gets in there to disturb the temperature of your body. Even at the bottom there should ideally be a drawstring so that you can make sure that the cold air cannot seep inside. The zipper of the jacket should be strong and very easy to grasp even if you are wearing gloves. Taking a jacket that fits these parameters is really important if you want to make sure that you are able to remain comfortable and safe even during bad weather. Choose colours that are highly visible so that you can be spotted even from a distance in the dark or in bad weather.

Take a Good Pair of Boots and Other Accessories

When you choose your sea boots always choose two sizes bigger than what you would usually wear. Basically the intention here is to make enough room for you to wear a really thick pair of woollen socks and for the shoe to still be loose so that you will not be uncomfortable. There is also one more reason behind this if you should fall into the water; you will lose these boots really fast which is a good thing. Having snug fitting boots on means that the heavyweight of them will drown you really fast. You should also carry some handy accessories with you such as Masterwatch and Ronstan sailing watches in Australia. Remember that these watches are waterproof and accurate and if you want to buy something of this sort, it should always be of high quality unless you want to put yourself at risk.

Under Layers to Keep You Covered and Warm

They can be a bit expensive but if you are willing to invest in your protection you can actually buy a whole series of under layers from manufacturers easily. Your first layer should always be a thermal wear. They work very well to keep you insulated. Next, you should wear a synthetic sweater on top of this. It can be even a cheap one followed by another sweater that can be of high quality. Even synthetic tracksuit pants will work well. Do not wear anything cotton because they will absorb moisture and make you feel uncomfortable really fast. Woollen or polartech socks can keep your feet warm.

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