Winning the business world in healthcare

Standards for patient safety are not only to serve just one objective. It can be for establishing minimum performance levels which must be consistent across several individual organisations. Another use of the standards is that it is used to manage expectations of patients and general public. Different people go to different hospitals and are treated in different ways, however if there is a minimum level of service everyone has to stick to it.

Levels of standards

Standards could be developed in public processes of regulation for example licensing for health professionals, or same for healthcare organisations like health plans and hospitals. It could also be done via private processes that are voluntarily doing professional certificate and accreditation. Standards in healthcare industry could be based on different aspects; it could be from the patient-side, enumerating what and how patients go through and what they deserve or it could also be from the organisations side regarding what they have to fulfill, facilities they have provide and so on.

Why healthcare need standard

All of us get sick sometime or the other. It could be a simple flu but it could also be a cancer or a heart failure. Healthcare services are so important that someone’s life (literally) depends on the quality of services provided during times of emergency. For example if you do not have an artificial ventilator for a patient who has stopped breathing due to some issue that could cost him his life. Patient died due to lack of oxygen to his system. Standards are set by both government bodies as well as private activists. Some public opinion leaders and professional groups can play a vital role in this by advocacy activities. Suppliers and purchasers also have the opportunity to model expectations via decisions in the marketplace.

Doing an ethical business

Whatever the business you are doing or whatever the job you are engaged in doing a righteous job of it is important. Healthcare is something so significant that a person’s life and death is dependent on what you do. Therefore making sure that you stick to the standards is of great importance. One way to ensure this is to abide by a known standards protocol, for example if you are dealing in medical items you must have ISO and due to the change of the standards platform you must be now having ISO 45001 transition plan. There are many organisations and governmental bodies which you can contact to get more details about how to prepare and how to present your organisation. Also how to update the certification if you own a business you must also know that something like and international standards such as ISO can bring in some mileage for marketing and PR as well.  

An established business will be so bye by sticking to ethical and righteous practices in its day to day business. So make sure that you your business is also one of such companies.

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